An update of updates

It’s been far too long since I posted on my blog. Here is a list of recent things going on:

1) The Stitchopedia update is still in progress. It is taking me far longer than I had anticipated. I am receiving tons of great swatches from the user community though – I think it will be an exciting update. It has been so long though that I am worried that some people might think Stitchopedia is ‘abandonware’. It definitely isn’t – I am actively working on it.

2) One of my oldest and best friends approached me last year about making an interactive kids book for the iOS platform. We built it with the Corona SDK; he did the art, I did the coding. His name is Jason Norman – he helped me with art for my game Jub Jub. The book came out great. My kids absolutely love it. If you have kids, I highly recommend you download it. Additionally, it is half off now because of Jason’s birthday! 
Tap here to view it in the app store
Tap here to view the website for Riverbottom Tales

3) Work has been crazy busy. Our team is completely rebuilding our platform from the ground up with a different suite of technologies. I’m no longer using Flash/Flex and am now using a proprietary HTML5/Java stack. It’s awesome – learning a lot but it is kind of intense. It’s also the first time I haven’t used Flash for a living since 2003. It feels great!



I haven’t posted on here in a while so I figured it was time to give a quick update. I am currently working on multiple project at once, outside of my day job at Adobe and my all-the-time job of being a daddy:

1) Stitchopedia for Android. This is a complete rewrite of Stitchopedia in Java. It is still pretty early in the process but I am pretty pleased with it so far. The initial release will only be for Phone devices. Eventually I plan on adding tablet support (read: Kindle fire)

2) 3D game with my buddy. This is pretty exciting as it finally gets me back to what I originally went to school for: 3d animation. Plus I am learning pile of new (to me) technologies: Unity 3D, Blender, C#, etc. We have a pretty epic vision of where this is going but we want to keep the team to just us, so its currently slated as a 2 year development window.

3) Stitchopedia for iOS. I am working on adding support for printing the patterns and definitions from the app. I am not going to support printing images right off the bat, as I feel it may endanger the IP of the image contributors. If theres a swarm of 1 star ratings after the update, I’ll reconsider and possibly ping all of the image contributors to see what they think of it.

4) Jub Jub/Jub Jub Lite. Man, I had great plans for this. Unfortunately, it has been pretty lackluster sales wise. I think it is mainly due to lack of visibility. I need to promote it a bit. Also, I am adding a new game mode, and playing with the idea of making Jub Jub freemium and scrapping Jub Jub Lite.

5) Children’s book for my other buddy. My friend Jason (who did the art for Jub Jub – very talented dude) is making an awesome children’s book for iOS/Android. I am helping him out with the coding.


So thats where I’m at. I generally get a few hours a night of dev time so I switch back and forth between these… Having a blast 🙂

Jub Jub is seriously messed up on the new iPad

My friend just sent me this image of Jub Jub running on his shiny new iPad. All he said in the message body was ‘doesnt look right’. Bit of an understatement!


Turns out there is an issue with the Corona SDK platform that I wrote Jub Jub in with regards to scaling to the new iPad’s resolution. Thankfully they have quickly released an updated build which fixes the issue. I have compiled Jub Jub against this and submitted it to Apple – hopefully it gets approved soon 🙂

Stitchopedia drawing winner!

Since all of the images are done for Stitchopedia, it was time to do the drawing for the $50 gift card.

I wrote down an entry for every image that everyone has submitted for Stitchopedia, and my daughters drew a name out of the hat.

Congratulations, Theresa Vasalofsky, you’re the winner! Have fun 🙂




Stitchopedia 2.1.4 update is live

Stitchopedia 2.1.4 update has just been approved by Apple and will be making its way into the store over the next few hours. This update has the imagery for the rest of the stitch patterns that were missing images. Accordingly, I have raised the price to $1.99 – the initial $.99 price was a (year long) sale until all of the images were added.

Also, this weekend I will be doing the raffle for the $50 gift card to My kids will be helping me out 🙂

I received lots of fantastic feedback on what the users of Stitchopedia would like to see in the next update. I am currently working on adding in the ability to add your own stitch pattern and example photo. I’m having to shuffle quite a bit of code around in order to work this in, as I had not considered this use case when I was first building this app. I hope to have it done in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Stitchopedia 2.1.2 update rejected

Well, I have just had my first official rejection from Apple. Turns out the request for help making images that I have in the app description and the app itself constitutes as a ‘contest’.

The problem with that is that I did not explicitly lay out the rules or liabilities of Apple or myself in the description. Makes sense – I wish I had thought of it when I did it. I went ahead and removed the information from Stitchopedia and re-submitted it as this is pretty much over with -there are 14 images left and they have all been assigned out. I will be doing the drawing for the card when those images come in to me.

Anyways, I just re-submitted the update to apple. Here’s hoping I have everything right this time 🙂