I haven’t posted on here in a while so I figured it was time to give a quick update. I am currently working on multiple project at once, outside of my day job at Adobe and my all-the-time job of being a daddy:

1) Stitchopedia for Android. This is a complete rewrite of Stitchopedia in Java. It is still pretty early in the process but I am pretty pleased with it so far. The initial release will only be for Phone devices. Eventually I plan on adding tablet support (read: Kindle fire)

2) 3D game with my buddy. This is pretty exciting as it finally gets me back to what I originally went to school for: 3d animation. Plus I am learning pile of new (to me) technologies: Unity 3D, Blender, C#, etc. We have a pretty epic vision of where this is going but we want to keep the team to just us, so its currently slated as a 2 year development window.

3) Stitchopedia for iOS. I am working on adding support for printing the patterns and definitions from the app. I am not going to support printing images right off the bat, as I feel it may endanger the IP of the image contributors. If theres a swarm of 1 star ratings after the update, I’ll reconsider and possibly ping all of the image contributors to see what they think of it.

4) Jub Jub/Jub Jub Lite. Man, I had great plans for this. Unfortunately, it has been pretty lackluster sales wise. I think it is mainly due to lack of visibility. I need to promote it a bit. Also, I am adding a new game mode, and playing with the idea of making Jub Jub freemium and scrapping Jub Jub Lite.

5) Children’s book for my other buddy. My friend Jason (who did the art for Jub Jub – very talented dude) is making an awesome children’s book for iOS/Android. I am helping him out with the coding.


So thats where I’m at. I generally get a few hours a night of dev time so I switch back and forth between these… Having a blast 🙂


4 responses to “update

  1. I love Stitchopedia! It’s a fabulous app. I would love to see categories or some organization of patterns though. It would be nice to have a section for edging and finishing stitches. I often knit by machine (theres a fairly large market of users in dire need of intarsia charts and machine knitting related apps, btw) and finish the knitted garments by hand. I rely on Stitchopedia for stitch pattern finishing ideas but I have to search through all to find something suitable. Also, sorting by # of cast on stitches would be great as well, i.e. Multiples of 12 +2, 11 +3, 10 +2, etc.
    A user could go right to the stitch patterns needed for their current project.

    Thanks again for creating this wonderful app!

    • Hi Vanessa!

      Thank you for the feedback, and I am glad that Stitchopedia is working well for you. Adding categories and different sort parameters is definitely high on my list of features to add. I had not thought of adding a machine stitching section, but I think I will!

  2. Just finished looking thru the stitchopedia, and I love it! I do have to agree with Vanessa that some form of sorting would be nice. Many of the patterns were new to me, FTW!

    • Thanks! I am definitely looking into the sorting issue. Honestly the biggest issue is how to visually lay it out so it’s intuitive to use… Especially with a good percentage of the patterns fitting into multiple categories.

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