Stitchopedia 2.1.2 submitted to Apple

I just submitted Stitchopedia 2.1.2 to Apple for approval. This update contains imagery for 37 stitch patterns, as well as a couple of new abbreviations and pattern corrections.

In this update I took a slightly different tact in how I seeded out patterns to people to knit samples for. I had a very large number of people emailing asking if they could help. I had more people than stitch patterns, to be honest. So when I had assigned everything out, I went back to the beginning and started re-assigning what had not come back in yet. I ended up doing this a few times.

The up side of this was that I received a lot of images for inclusion; I am happy to say that there are only 15 remaining stitch patterns that need images! However, the downside was that in several instances, I received submissions from multiple people for the same pattern. When this happened, I used the first images that I received for the pattern.

Anybody and everybody who submitted images had tickets for their names thrown into the hat for the $50 Knitpicks card, as well as getting promo codes for the app.

I wanted to briefly touch on this in case someone downloads the app expecting to see their image  in it and walks away disappointed. If you have any questions on this or would like to talk to me about it, please email me at

I have met a lot of awesome people during this project, and I am continuously amazed at the quality of imagery that comes in from you guys. I owe all of you my sincere gratitude.


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