I am a software engineer on the Scene 7 Publishing team at Adobe. I live in West Linn, Oregon, and thoroughly dig coding.

In my spare time, i enjoy short walks to the kitchen, fine beer… and mobile app development 🙂

I can be reached on the following mediums:

yahoo – ben.rimbey
gmail – ben.rimbey


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Ben, just uploaded the new version of stitchopedia onto my ipad2, but the app now refuses to open… I tried closing it and then starting it up again, but that doesn’t do anything. Hope you can fix…
    Regards, Liesbeth in Auckland, New Zealand

    • Hi Liesbeth –
      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the latest update. I am looking into a way to fix this.

      In the meantime, could you try the following:
      1) delete the Stitchopedia app from your iPad,
      2) restart the iPad,
      3) and then re-download Stitchopedia from the App Store? You won’t be charged for downloading it again.

  2. Hey there Ben-

    Are you still needing example images of knit patterns for your new update to Stitchopedia? If so, I’m happy to oblige! I have lots of scrap yarn lying around and a fancy camera – both of which would be perfect for some knit swatches. Let me know!

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