Stitchopedia swatch images

Last night a user emailed me offering to help make swatch images. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, since it is taking so long to get all of the images in there. My wife was helping me at first but we have two young kids who demand a lot of her time and she is also buried by knitting projects for the holidays.

So here is what I am thinking:
1) if you make 3 swatch images, I will give you one promo code for Stitchopedia. Unfortunately, I can not refund a purchase that has already been made, but you can use the promo code as a gift for someone else.
2) for consistency, the swatches need to be knit with worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles.
3) in addition to the promo code, I will add a list of image contributors to the ‘About’ section of the app.
4) for every swatch image you submit, you will have one entry submitted to a drawing for a $50 Knitpicks gift card. After all of the images are submitted, I will email the winner with the gift card information.
5) when you supply an image, you are agreeing that the image is owned by me for the explicit purpose of being displayed in Stitchopedia.

If you are interested in this, please email me at to talk over what swatches you would like to help with, so that we can make sure multiple people aren’t working on the same swatch 🙂

Thanks in advance!


3 responses to “Stitchopedia swatch images

  1. Will there be an android app? I don’t have an iphone and don’t anticipate getting one, but I do have the android system and would be interested in this app.

    • I would eventually like to port this app to android but I do not realistically expect to get to it until early 2012. There are a few other things I would like to add to the iOS version to make it fully featured before I go after android, as I will need to rewrite it from scratch.

      Thank you for your interest!

  2. Well I happen to have a swatch for my coat of a rather twisting 16 st cable(s. when I get it back from moms shop I’ll send in a pic

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