Universal build of Stitchopedia in the App Store

The universal build of Stitchopedia got approved and pushed to the App Store last night (in record time – ~2.5 hours!).

I’m pretty excited about having this out there. However I have received one report so far about the application not launching after pulling the update down to an iPad 2. I’m not sure what is going on here, but if you happen to see this problem, please do the following:

1) delete the Stitchopedia app from your iPad/iPhone
2) restart the iPad/iPhone
3) re-download Stitchopedia from the App Store

Please note that when you go to re-download the app from the App Store, it might look like it is going to charge you again for the download. It won’t – you already own it, and it will notify you to that affect after the download has started.

I am looking into what is causing this – I hope this was an isolated event but these types of issues are rarely (if ever) singular in nature.


6 responses to “Universal build of Stitchopedia in the App Store

    • Hi Anne –
      Thanks for letting me know that you are also having this issue. Two questions for you –

      1) is your iPad upgraded to iOS 5.0?
      2) did you have Stitchopedia installed on your iPad prior to installing the Stitchopedia update?


  1. Okay, I did the update and when I opened it, it crashed. Came here and followed the reinstall instructions, and it’s still crashing. I have an iPad 1, not 2. I hope you can get this glitch fixed soon.


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