so far, so good.

i recently released one of my pet projects from work as open source under the MIT license. the project is called AsyncThreading, and basically it attempts to simulate threading in actionscript for Flex and Air apps. the implementation is basically just managed time slices. another way of looking at it is that it  manages a system of green threads.

if you are interested, you can check out the google code pages here.

the blog that i originally released it under was the one for our development team at work. it was quite a bit of process to push the code base through the open source review board at symantec, but ultimately it was a fantastic learning experience.

after i released it, i looked around on the google and found a few other projects that accomplish similar goals as my AsyncThreading lib, so if AsyncThreading doesnt work out for you, you might want to try out one of the following:

I looked through the source code for both projects – both are very well put together, and both give me ideas on how to optimize AsyncThreading 🙂 Ender Lib in particular stood out to me in that there were commonalities between its implementation and how i did things for AsyncThreding. I think both frameworks might have a performance gain over my lib, as they are not hooked into the frame rate of the app and do not attempt to do any thread scaling.

either way, i am just glad to have the project out and available to the public, and im glad that it looks like it is generating some interest in the flex community. it has been a very long time (as in several years) since i have had a code project that was out in the wild and available for people to use. the last project was called DomeGI, which was a script for Maya to simulate global illumination. it was really fun seeing people use the script and occasionally getting emails from the community about it.

so all in all, this has so far been a great experience. i really cant wait to get started on my next project, whatever that may be.


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